Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ho Hum

You know, posting blogs is akin to writing an editorial. It's not very much like a diary. I usually don't let people peruse my most intensely personal thoughts. A blog fulfills a different need; the need to complain, muse, mourn, or rejoice publicly.

So what if my public consists of 2 or 3 people (shout out to Larissa and Betsy).

In this age of instant information, where everyone is connected to some degree (of Kevin Bacon). Okay, so that was a throw away. I live in a techno community which consists of all my Savannah, Leo, and Taylor friends. I can keep tabs on them through email and blogs! It's not the same as hanging out with them at Sentient Bean, or laughing hysterically to 1 AM in a dorm room, but I am grateful for the chance to remain, in some small way, a part of their lives. Gotta' try to remain!

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Larissa said...

Some people say that technology is bad from the perspective that it keeps people from talking in person or over the phone. That might be true with some people but there are definitely friends in my life that I would have totally lost contact with if I didn't communicate with them via email or read their blogs. I also find that by reading someone's blog, I know the basic events that are happening so when we talk on the phone, they don't have to waste time telling me those stories but rather can spend their time telling me information they don't want on the internet. I guess what I am saying is that talking in person or on the phone is still really important, but communication over the internet has its place as well.