Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Savannah Shuffle

Tonight is Mellow Mushroom (my absolute favorite pizza).

Tomorrow is gallery hopping, barbequeing, free concert attending craziness.

Monday, May 28, 2007

a pic for url

Well, here I am, thinking thoughtfully about life, love and the pursuit of gelato.

Where is that gelato?

Friday, May 25, 2007

From Savannah with Love

Hey all,

I'm in sunny, hot, humid Savannah (hangin' with Amanda). It's so great to be back here with my friends and have a chance to see everyone. My Thesis Show is tonight. I am going to be grateful when it's over. My whole graduate career has been leading up to this moment (well, and getting jobs too, that's important). After the show we're all going to the Crystal Beer Parlor (the after party) and then who know's what else (the after-after party). I love the Crystal Beer Parlor, especially on Friday nights. They have a real New Orleans style band that plays there, and they are wonderful. They always wind down the evening with a rousing version of "When the Saint's go Marching In". Great song.

Well, I have alot to do this coming week and I'm not particualry looking forward to all the paperwork and office hopping it will involve. My least favorite think about SCAD is the insane amount of paperwork. Sometimes I feel like Radar on MASH. "Is everything signed, Radar?" "Yes, Sir, in triplicate!"

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I wanna' check you fer ticks!

Okay, so that Brad Pasely song is incredibly disgusting. However, I found a tick on Scout (my border collie) today that was the size of two jelly beans. You should check your dog for ticks. Soooooooooo disgusting. Poor Scout, I get grossed out when I find one on my shoe, let alone attached to my body and sucking blood. But perhaps dogs don't think about those sorts of things.

Anyways, I'm heading to Savannah, GA on Thursday. I feel so tired and run down right now. I have zero motivation, and I still have to finish my artist statement and my thesis paper, among other things. I am so ready to be done with school. Six years of higher education is enough. My future is unclear, and I will have huge college debts to pay back. My whole situation kind of drains any excitement I would be having because of graduation. I am very excited to see my friends though, especially Amanda, Shannon, Betsy and Karin and to walk down Bull Street and sip some coffee at Gallery.

I will miss Savannah. I hope I have a chance to visit every once in a while.

Just...really...tired :(

Monday, May 14, 2007

New Thesis Stuff

Wildwood Flower

Oh I'll twine with my mingles and waving black hair
With the roses so red and the lilies so fair
And the mirtles so bright with the emerald dew
The pale and the leader and eyes look like blue

I will dance I will sing and my laugh shall be gay
I will charm every heart in each crown I will sway
When I woke from my dreaming my idols were clay
All portions of love had all blown away

Oh he taught me to love him and promised to love
And to cherish me over all others above
How my heart is now wondering no misery can tell
He's left me no warning no words of farewell

Oh he taught me to love him and call me his flower
That was blooming to cheer him through life's dreary hour
Oh I long to see him and regret the dark hour
He's gone and neglected his pale wildwood flower


Almost every year my family goes camping in Hocking County, a region just south of Colombus, OH. Hocking Hills State Park has some beautiful scenery including ravines, waterfalls, steep cliffs, caves and bubbling streams full of tiny fish. It really is one of my favorite places. It's a recharge place. When I go, I feel as if the world isn't so crazy and I'll be okay. No cell phones, no TV, no email, just me dangling my legs over the edge of a cliff while I watch a beautiful waterfall.

Some interesting things that happened this weekend:

Found a tiny salamander (about an inch long) in a stream at Cedar Falls.
Sang opera in a tunnel carved out of rock at Old Man's Cave (Beth would not sing along with me because she is a party pooper).
Skinned my elbow (oddly enough, it kind of felt cool to have a skinned elbow, made me feel as if I was a tough mountian climber).
Saw numerous wildflowers (all of which my mother could identify).
Ate waaaayyyyy too many potatoe chips (but hey, I was on vacation).
Saw a huge groundhog sitting on a fence post (what's up with that?).

All in all, it was a good weekend. I needed it more than I knew.

Friday, May 11, 2007

First Thesis Image

See what you think! I've gotten some great feedback from various people and I'm happy with the finished product :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Some Old Stuff

I was going through my images today in an attempt to get my portfolio together and I found a couple oldies but goodies.

First up, an oil pastel copy of a Da Vinci sketch.

Next, Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Okie Noodling (not for the faint of heart)

Per Brad's advice, I watched "Okie Noodling" last night on PBS. Hand fishing, a time honored tradition in several states south of the Mason-Dixon line, is by no means a popular sport. But there are those few brave souls who will stick their hand down into a slimy catfish hole, wait for the sucker to nibble, and then grab it and yank it out of its murky lare.

You have to be incredibly brave or incredibly stupid to noodle. I haven't decided which one yet. Perhaps a little of both is best.

If you have an inkling to noodle, you'll have to go to Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Louisiana. It's illegal everywhere else.