Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tropical Depression

Every one in a while in Savannah, they have something known as a Tropical Depression. This is not a time when everyone feels miserable to be living in a tropical paradise, but rather, a time when a whopper of a storm blows in from the Atlantic Ocean and makes everyone's lives very wet for a couple of days. It rained cats and dogs the entire day yesterday. Wet, horrible and did I mention wet! As Forest Gump would say, it was "raining up".

Today, though the sun is shining and everything is right as no rain! Of course, there were quite a few farmers that were praying for rain, and boy did they get it. So I feel happy for the farmers but still a bit miffed that a whole Saturday (A SATURDAY), was wasted. Amanda and I did meet up with Megan and her friend Ericka at the Bean (a coffee shop) during the evening, and Chris, a friend from Vineyard Church who also works at the Bean gave us all free chocolate raspberry cake (thanks Chris!!!!).

MMmmmmmm, chocolate caaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeee (drool).

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