Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gilbert out of the woods!

Gilbert is doing much better. His fin is unraveling. However, a little bit of the fin looks like it might fall off. This fish cracks me up. Every since I learned to keep his water warmer he has somehow gained a new, improved personality. Of course this might have something to do with the fact that fish are cold blooded, I think. He greets me whenever I walk near his tank and does what I can only describe as his fish dance. Yes, he wiggles his fins and swims around in circles. In fish language he is saying, "feed me, feed me, feed me". Then he sticks his gills out in a gesture that could be roughly translated as “I challenge you, pathetic human, to a duel”. Why is it that every single animal that my family has ever taken in ends up being incredibly strange, demented even? Maybe my family is demented and it's rubbing off on the animals. The border collie is the most demented of all, but let us not forget the ferocious puma masquerading as our barn cat, and the horse, who thinks she would rather be in the house than out in the barn.

Oh well, at least life is never boring.

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